My Granddaughters
AshleeAshlee DanielleDanielle
Ashlee and Danielle were both born on September 18, 1989, so that makes them twins. No, they are definitely not identical! They are both active and fun-loving, not to mention beautiful and smart, but each has her own interests. They also, you may have noticed, don't look any more alike than most sisters.

In June 2001 they flew to Arizona (by themselves!) to visit me and then spend a week with their grandfather. Click on the button to see pictures of that trip.

Christmas 2000

Here they are showing off one of their Christmas presents.

One of the interests they do share is Disney -- something they inherited from their mom and their nana -- so they were delighted to get a Disney trivia game from their uncle Gery.

Christmas presents
Halloween Halloween 2000

For Halloween they decided to be a doctor and a surgeon. 

Thanks to Joey's mom and me, their costumes are all the real thing . . . except there weren't real needles for the syringes.

That's Ashlee in the surgeon's mask & Danielle ready to give an injection.

A few years ago...

This is Danielle.

She is working on the pasta portion of a spaghetti dinner she and her sister were making for me during my visit to Wichita, Kansas, in June 1998.

And this is Ashlee.

She was the sauce chef, though Danielle had a few contributions to make to that , too.

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