Ashlee & Danielle

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In June 2001, Ashlee and Danielle flew to Arizona to visit their grandparents.

Frist stop was at Grandpa's. First stop was at Grandpa's in Mesa.

How come Ashlee always beats me at this game, well next opponent Grandpa I don't stand a chance. Grandpa has that winning streak grin on his face now I definitely don't stand a chance.  -- Danielle

She stinks at that game and Grandpa is king. -- Ashlee

Then on to Nana's in Ajo for the rough life... 

Yep the rough life alright the Ghost Busters movie a bowl of ice cream a remote control and a drink of ice cold dt. rootbeer on a t.v. stand sitting right beside me so i don't have to get up. Yep these last few days have been rough really really rough. Can't you tell! SIKE!  -- Danielle 

Well I wouldnt say it was ruff but it is shure relaxing. I am on the inside so i am not so lazy but i do have a icecold bowl of ice cream.Dont be fooled Nana is sitting there with a bigger bowl of icecream and a big glass of soda. All so she isnt doing all the work -- Ashlee

then on to Ajo
turtle pond Ashlee was amazed that Danielle could walk on water. 
(In Nana's turtle pond, it was easy.)

It was cool, I've never seen Ashlee so amazed :}  I guess I was born in Atlantis. I kind of like the term Princess Danielle.  Please don't try to do this in your turtle pond  it takes a lot of concentration and talent so you might get hurt.  -- Danielle

Look very carefully and find the trick she isnt that smart---Ashlee


Mountain climbing . . . 

We  are at  Crater Range and our Nana is taking a bunch of pictures to put on this web site. -- Ashlee

I was sitting on a rock it was really hot  Ashlee had it easy she stood. I wasn't  really wearing the right shoes for climbing I was wearing sandals and I ran into a cactus with my foot  and it got stuck in my sandal it hurt alot. So always ware tennishoes when you are going to be near cactuses.    -- Danielle


turtle pond

We went to Puerto Peñasco (that's Rocky Point) and stayed at a resort hotel.

  -- Danielle

It was hard to decide hat to do first there was so much to do -- Ashlee


Ashlee made friends with a tiny snail.

Pretty girl -- Ashlee

It's just a snail what is so exciting about a snail?   -- Danielle


Danielle enjoyed a ride on the beach, but she didn't like the cowboy.

 I got to ride a horse and it ran too.  -- Danielle

 Giddy up horsey -- Ashlee


Ashlee & Danielle, their cousins Nico & Nellie, and their uncle Hop made a sand tortuga (that's Spanish for turtle).

Our young Herman was washing away so we had to act fast. The only thing we could think of to do to save him is take a picture-- Ashlee

Poor little Herman he is sitting at the bottom of the ocean! -- Danielle


Jesus, the burro, was a big hit at the Ajo Copper News potluck. Danielle and Ashlee joined Dominique and teenage slave Mona in petting him while Mike Holt watched.

 Can I ride, Can I ride? -- Danielle

 Goooooooooooood burro -- Ashlee

Mona and Ashlee tried to grab the piñata at the potluck.

Mona and I were trieing to catch the pinata because the phone card hadnt fallen out Michelle cheated grabed the rope and grabed the phone card it wasnt  even batting at it at the begging -- Ashlee

 Jump Ashlee jump.  -- Danielle


Nana said that any futher bickering might end in death. Ashlee thought she'd save Danielle a climb up those steps.

 Ya she got to kill me right after I killed her then set it up to make her look like she was killing me to make her feel happy -- Danielle

 My wish has come true I get to kill Danielle -- Ashlee

Was this a good guy or a bad guy?

He tried but see that dog down by the bottom of the front seat well he got scared so he said he would hijack someone else.  -- Danielle

The guy on the wagon was high jaking us but it didnt work his gun ran out of ammo-- Ashlee

Whose cowboy is cuter?

Nana is crazy they are both not good looking-- Ashlee

 No I think mine is. -- Danielle

Little desert rats needed a drink of water at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson.

Cute little Mousey-- Danielle

 The mouse was begging for some water-- Ashlee

Hmmmm, otters are part of the desert? The sign says they are, at least in some wet parts.

This guy was interested in Ashlee's purse.

 it was funny the otter kapt coming up and kissing the glass right in front of me-- Ashlee

He kept coming up and looking at Ashlee's purse probally because he needed some money to make a phone call. -- Danielle

We also worked at the Ajo Copper News. We learned how to run the cash register, wait on customers, answer the phone, stuff inserts, and lots more.

It was fun to get a taste of what we have to do when we get older and we get payed too we got  $20  -- Danielle

It is really fun working at the Copper News espesally working at the cash regester -- Ashlee

The Phoenix Zoo was really hot and we didn't get to see many animals. However feeding this ground squirrel was fun.

The last of the trip was spent with Grandpa in Mesa.
There was a lot more to our trip. We played with Nana's cats and turtles, we watched videos, we ate, we cleaned house, and we even got to ride on an ambulance call with Nana in the rescue vehicle and the lights and siren on. Later we spent a week in Mesa with Grandpa and got to go tubing down the Salt.

Danielle and Ashlee are Gabrielle's granddaughters. And if you're wondering, it's no accident there are no pictures of Gabrielle (aka Nana).
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