Joseph B. & Lucy Huntoon
Joseph Bede Huntoon and Lucy Richardson

  My own information on the Hollister and Huntoon sides of the family was sparse. Thanks to my third cousin Elaine Seehafer for filling out some of the story for me and providing the photograph of Joseph, and to my second cousin Ann Hollister for adding to it.

Joseph B. Huntoon J.B. Huntoon's signature Judging only by the census, Joseph Bede Huntoon was a remarkable man. He is listed variously as an attorney, a bookkeeper, and a lumberman, and was the census taker for the 1880 census, signing the page his family appears on. He married at least three times. Though he lived most of his life in Marathon County, Wisconsin, he evidently went elsewhere to die since no record has been found of his death.

Joseph Bede Huntoon was born in Orleans County, Vermont, in 1831, the son of Hannah Bede and John Brocklebank Huntoon, descendent of the Phillip Huntoon who originated the family name in the United States in the early 1700s.

Not much is known about Lucy H. Richardson. She is believed to have been born in Wisconsin about 1837.

Judging by the birth of their first child, James Harvey Huntoon, on 26 May 1859, in Weston, Marathon County, Wisconsin, Joseph probably married Lucy about 1858. Their son was followed by a daughter, Eva Hannah Huntoon, born on 31 March 1867 in Dubuque, Iowa, according to her death certificate but more likely born on that date in 1863 or 1864. Young Eva Huntoon I've found no evidence that Joseph served during the Civil War, though the family is rich in military service history dating back to the American Revolution and the War of 1812.

Lucy died before 1876, possibly in Minnesota, and Joseph married his cousin, Lavila Huntoon, on 8 October 1876. The marriage was not a happy one and ended in divorce in 1883. His last marriage was to Lucy Elizabeth Bushie Gage on 30 April 1886 in Kelly, Marthon County, Wisconsin.  The date and place of his death remains a mystery.                                                                                                                                                                       

If anyone has any information about either Joseph or Lucy, I would appreciate hearing about it.

Gabrielle David is the great-great-granddaughter of Joseph & Lucy Huntoon.

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