Julia and Joseph David
Julia Martin & Joseph David

Joseph David obituary
From the Killdeer Herald,
exact date unknown.
Julia (Martin) and Joseph David were married over fifty years when Joseph died in 1927. Married in Highland, Wisconsin, they lived in the area for most of their lives, moving to Killdeer, North Dakota, in 1917 to join many of their children.

Joseph David was born in Bohemia on April 24, 1852, the son of Joseph David and a mother whose name I've yet to pin down. He was brought to the United States when he was three and grew up in Wisconsin where he met and married Julia Martin. More information about his life appears in the obituary pictured on this page. He died in Killdeer on March 9, 1927, and and is buried in the Killdeer Cemetery.

Julia Martin was born April 19, 1855 in Highland Wisconsin, to Katherine (Keller) and Frank Martin. She married Joseph David on April 27, 1875 in Highland, possibly in SS Anthony & Phillip Catholic Church where their children were baptized. She died in Killdeer on January 4, 1935, and is buried next to her husband.

Their children:
Catharine (or Katherine), b. 14 May 1876
John, b abt May 1881, d. 10 June 1881
Franz John, b. 24 June 1882
Alvis (or Alois) b. 31 Dec. 1883, d. 18 May 1933
Bernard, b. 31 Dec. 1884
Fredrick William (or Frederick - usually called Fred) b. 9 June 1887, d. 6 Aug. 1929
Louise Anna, b. 20 Oct. 1890
Anna, b. 4 Sep 1893

Their parents:

Joseph's father, also named Joseph David, was born in Bohemia on May 8, 1824 in Prague, Bohemia, though his birthplace is sometimes listed as Germany or Czechoslovakia because of changes in empires and national boundaries. He died in Wisconsin on March 11, 1912, at the age of 87, and is buried in St. Anthony’s Cemetery in Highland.

The elder Joseph David's wife is shown in the census as Mary Ann, but it isn't known if this is the younger Joseph David's mother or a later wife.

So far, I haven't located any children other than the younger Joseph.

Julia's father was Frank Martin and her mother Katherine Keller. Census information indicates Frank was born in Highland, Wisconsin, about 1829 and Katherine in Germany about 1830. Their children were Fritz, Julia, Elizabeth, and John.


Notes & Corrections:

In the obituary, Iowa and Grant Counties are transposed. Highland is in Iowa County; the family farm was in nearby Grant County.

Mrs. D.J. Green is Catharine (or Katherine, both spellings have been used). She was earlier married to Thomas Schaefer.

Mrs. Charley Harvey is probably Louise according to census information.

Mrs. Harry Middlin is Anna, who was usually called Annie.

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