Walsh-Gregg-Smith History
Written by Margaret Walsh Gregg
(Grandmother of Pearl Smith David)

Note: I transcribed the following  in April 2001 from three handwritten pages. The document was undated and was possibly a copy of the orginial. Comments in [brackets] were added by me.
Gabrielle David, great-great-granddaughter of Margaret Walsh Gregg

This is written by your mother, for your father and mother are not ashamed of their birth nor of their parentage.

My father's name was Thomas Walsh and my mother's maiden name was Tilly [Lilly] Hopkins, thinking that you may come across some of your distant relatives in your journey thru life.

We lived in Pa. until 1852 and went from there to the city of Baltimore and lived there until '61 when the rebellion broke out. -- moved from there to Rock Island County Ill. -- lived there until 1868 when we moved to Calhoun Co. Iowa where we settled in our last earthly home.


 Grandfather Gregg who in early years was bound out to the Walsh's and learned the tailors trade and later became a tailor.

Gregg Family History

(written in Family Bible by Grandma Gregg)

Your father Thomas Gregg was born in Ireland, County Antrim, town of Cloughmills in 1816. His Father, James Gregg died when he was 72 years of age, his mother's maiden name was Annie Linton. She emigrated to Canada when your father (Grandpa Gregg) was in his 7th year and died -- was buried on the banks of the River St. Lawerence [sic]. He (Thomas) was taken back to Ireland by a friend and was adopted by an uncle and aunt who kept him until he was 14 yrs of age then they bound him to your Grandfather Walsh to learn the tailor trade. He had served 2 yrs when your Grandfather Walsh emigrated to Pennsylvania and brot [sic]Thomas with him to Indiana county Pa. in 1832.


Marriages --
Thomas Gregg to Margaret M. Walsh on the eighth day of Feb in the year of One Thousand, Eight hundred and thirty-eight.

Births --
  Mary E. Gregg born Feb 12th 1849
  John Wesley Gregg born Mar 17th 1851
  Thomas C. Gregg born Nov 19th 1838
  Anne Jane Gregg born Nov 14th 1840
  Daniel H. Gregg born Dec 27th 1842
  Celina C. Gregg born Mar 20th 1845 [mother of Lillie Pearl Smith David, born in 1886]
  James P. Gregg born Apr 17th 1847
  William R. Gregg July 7th 1855
  Geo W. Gregg July 25, 1858

Marriages --

Thomas C. Gregg to Clara V. Kennard twenty-fourth day of Feb in the year of our Lord One-thousand, eight hundred and sixty one

Celina C. Gregg to Jesse Smith on the twelfth day of Dec in the year of our Lord One thousand, eight hundred and sixty five by Uncle Daniel Walsh (Methodist Minister) at Rock Island Ill.

When Grandpa Thomas Gregg came out here from Baltimore he had a belt with $500ºº in gold in it.

Grandmother Greggs sister Lily was mother of Uncle Thomp and stepmother to Uncle Jess.

Uncle Jessie's own mother was a cousin of Mark Hanna.

Grandmother Gregg was Scotch Irish (Scotch but lived in Ireland)

Hopkins (of Johns Hopkins) was a relative of Grandfather Gregg.

Linton also relatives. Linton girls were typical Irish beauties

Dr. Myrtle was named for Sara Hopkins.

Wilmot Smith, Pres of Bank at San Bernardino Calif.

-- This ends the notes reportedly made by Margaret Walsh Gregg --


From notes made by Richard F. David at a family reunion, with updated dates. Not all information has been verified.

Jesse Smith (1839-1911) and Celina P. Gregg (1845-1920) had at least nine children:
Marguerite Smith married Geo. Swan

Nate Smith married ? Brown

Carrie Smith married Carl Fischer

Jennie Smith married Hans Nording

Clyde Smith married Callie

Cliff Smith married Mary Berringer

Lillie Pearl Smith [who went by Pearl most of her life] (1886-1956) married Fred David (1887-1929), their children were Dorothy David (1917-1997), Richard F. David (1919-1983), Donald J. David (1920 -1998)

Fay Smith married ? Elliott (and had one child, Don Elliott?); later married Jack Graham and had three children, Cheri, Jerry (a guard at Alcatraz killed by the Soledad Bros.), and Jack (?)

Ray (no marriage information - died young?) [Fay's twin]

Ralph (no marriage information - died young?)

Baby Willard (died in infancy?)

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