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    This is my brother, Hop David. Actually, his name is Hollister John David, but he has been called Hop since he was a little kid. He's also been called Hoppy, Toad, and several other names.     This is my sister-in-law, Moppy.  Actually, her name is Margarita Vanegas David, but she's been called Moppy since she was a little girl. She's tried to get people to call her Margarita, but marrying Hoppy sealed her fate.
Christmas Eve, 2000

Here are Hop and Mop with their daugthers, Nellie and Nico, on Christmas Eve. They had just come in from the annual community celebration at the Plaza.

This picture was taken in last summer while they were waiting for their breakfast to be served at the restaurant.

Hop is my partner at the Ajo Copper News and is an artist as well.

Moppy works as a mail carrier for the US Postal Service and is very artistic too.

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