My Daughter's Wedding
June 28, 1997


This is my daughter Paula,
her new husband Joey,
and her daughters,
Ashlee and Danielle.

June 28, 1997
Wichita, Kansas
Paula & Joey with the girls

The Ceremony This is the ceremony. 
They held it in the Botanical Gardens in Wichita.

I'm the one on the left holding the flowers.

This was at the reception right after the ceremony. 

I liked the way the wind caught Paula's veil.

At the reception
My daughter and her husband live in Wichita, Kansas.

Both Paula & Joey work for Boeing.

Ashlee & Danielle go to school, play Nintendo, ride their bikes, watch videos, read, draw, and do all the other things kids their age do.

Also part of the family are the lady cat Tomo, the young cats Calvin & Hobbes, and the weasels (errr.... ferrets) Holly & Molly.

I don't get to see any of them nearly as much as I'd like to.

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