Turtles Rule!

Hello,my name is Nicolette
I live in Ajo, Arizona.
I'm in my senior year of high school.
I'm 17 and I'm going to ASU in the fall!
I'm so beautiful

Here are some random pictures

Here is a really funny picture animation
thing that I made with my dad.

My dad is an artist and his stuff is
pretty cool, you should check it out.

I just went to an Authority Zero show in
Sells and my mom took pictures.

I wrote a ten page research report
on the history of punk.  I'm so proud
of myself I just had to put it on the
internet for all to see.

I went to math camp for the past 2 summers and
I met some really weird people but
they were cool too.  I know what you're
thinking "Who in their right mind would go
to a math camp?"  Well, I don't think any
of us were in our right mind, but it was
ten million times more fun that way

My favorite things
Not in any order
Authority Zero

Herman the tortoise

Orlando Bloom

Bill Marcks

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