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Math and Art

Math Art Gallery

William Chow's Escher Tile Page
Dr. Robert Fathauer (
The Mathematical Art of Burkard Polster
Patrick Snells (Tessellations & Perspective Studies)
Kadon Enterprises - Puzzles, Games, Toys for the Mind

The Hive - 3 D renderings, Inventions, photographs
Dawson's Polyhedra, Klein Bottles, Horned Spheres, etc.
Joe Bartz
Jürgen Köller's Fun Stuff

Geometry Junkyard

Code Fun, a geometric puzzle toy
Images Of Eyes
Mark Garlick's Space Art
Impossible Figures
Fractal Polyhedra in VRML!
Volumes of tetra & octahedra, cube & rhombic dodecahedron
Matt Storer's Shrine of Escher
Dr. Rod Rodrigues
Stephan Werbeck's fractal polyhedra
Chaim Goodman-Strauss' Dodecahfoam (fractal dodecahedra)
Clive Tooth
Anton Sherwood
Xah's Math Graphics
Wonderful Geometric Toys
 Truncated Octahedrons - 3 D Tile
Robotic Engraving
Trinkydink fractal tiles
Big Escher site (some pics I had never seen before!)
Spinning Stuff
Symmetry, Crystals and Polyhedra
Kelly Houle's Anamorphic Art
Ghee Beom Kim's Geometric Arts
Dibujos Increibles - Incredible Drawings (M.C. Escher)
A Human Being
Art Electric
Dick Termes Spheres & Perspective Studies
Ashton Mason's Mandalas
Nati's Optical Illusion Site
Steve Passiouras' study of Escher Tiles
Fergus Murray
Arthropod Paintings
Geometry in Art in Architecture
Karl Franklin's Surreal Art
Archimedes' Lab puzzle site
Surrealism of Csontos
 Escher and the Droste Effect
Karl Franklin
Peter Figueroa

David Annal's Computer Graphics
Matt Stoffolano's Beads
Russian Neo Surrealism
Mandala Coloring Book
Tom Lechner's surreal and geometric art
James Cole's Crafty Puzzles
Paul (aka Bugman) Nylander's math art
Scott Stovall's paintings, sculptures & glass art
Joe MacGown's Surreal Art
Ramiro Perez' geometrical and fractal art, his fractal software
Mark Dow's geometrial art
Crafty Puzzles - Wooden 3D Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Father Wenninger's polyhedra
George Hart
 Kenneth Landry's Polyhedra
Vladimir Bulatov's Stellation Applet
Vladimor Bulatov's Polyhedra
Mark Newbold's Star Polytope Slicer
DinoGeorge's Polyhedra
Polyhedron Art

Near Earth Asteroid Data Base
Nasa's Near Earth Asteroid orbital elements
Hudson's Near Earth Asteroid Page

Andrew Crompton
William Chow
Peter Raedschelders
Jo Edkins
Marcin -Injarl- Malinowski
Jorge Molgora
Kenneth Landry
Dr. Robert Fathauer (
Patrick's Tessellations & Escher like drawings
Marjorie Rice's Pentagons
Wouter Nimmo's Tiles & Photos
David Annal's & Sethness' Tiles 

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