The Starship Yendred
Mass Deflectors
Between stars, Starship Yendred achieves velocities up to .05 the speed of light (C).
At this speed collisions with even specks of interstellar dust would be catastrophic.
The mass deflectors are thin disks that ride ahead of the ship when its not accelerating with the fusion rockets.
Mounted on the disks are sensors to detect oncoming matter and laser cannons to ionize this debris.
A circle of super conducting wire around the perimeter of the disk generates a magnetic field which deflects the ions.
The deflectors also have small chemical rockets which propel them from the ship after acceleration
and bring them back to the ship just before deceleration starts.
The chemical rocks are also station keeping devices.
Living Room
Radiator Fins
Fuel Tank
Fusion Reactors
& Rocket Engine
Spinning habitat provides enough
gravity to keep earthly life forms healthy.
Machine shop, mining equipment,
scouting space craft, etc.
Puts distance between
living room and
the fusion reactor
which emits dangerous radiation.
Dump heat generated
by fusion reactor.
A lot of fuel is needed to
sustain the travelers for the
centuries and perhaps even millennia
between stars.
Provide power for the travelers and
rocket engine. Fusion is needed to
get a high enough exhaust speed
to achieve .05 C.

The starship is named for a 2-dimensional character from
K. Dewdney's book The Planiverse.
I am grateful to K. Dewdney for granting permission to use this image and name.
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