My apologies for the size of this template. I exported it from Freehand approx. 10.5 by 7.6" , 144 dpi This is 180 degrees of the horn. for other 180 degree segments, scale by 2 or .5. After affixing this template to cardstock, it helps to score the lines where the curved sides meet the trapezoid cross sections, this makes it fold easier. Also wrap the thin cone and fat cone walls around a cylinder (like a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels) in the direction they're supposed to curve. Try to bend the cone walls without creasing them. This will make them somewhat more cooperative when you start gluing them together. I start by attaching the inner and outer cone walls and the upper and lower ramp to the larger trapezoid. Then I start gluing the edges together, slowly working my way to the smaller trapezoid. It helps to hold your mouth just right. Sometimes the card stock can be quite ornery and recalcitrant.

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