Handmade Cubes Available
$250.00 each.
The inventor Frank Zubek on the left
and myself (Hop David) on the right.
Zubek has invested huge amounts of time and effort in the Elusive Cube and the results of his struggle is a
unique, fun, and educational toy.
But this is only a first step.
We must devise ways to manufacture tough, durable toys
at a cost everyone can afford.
To accomplish this goal
Frank will build by hand numerous Elusive Cubes,
each set having 44 blocks.
Since he is experimenting and continually searching for better production methods, each set will be different.
Hand made toys take a lot of work.
But we know there will be a day when
thousands of mass produced, inexpensive
Cubes will be in toy stores everywhere.
When that day comes the limited edition
(not more than 500) handmade sets
will be collector's items.
Each handmade set will be
signed and numbered
by Frank Zubek.
The cost is $250.00 per set.
Frank Zubek
1726 NW 40th
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
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