Ram's Horn
This is a cardboard model of a logarithmic spiral or maybe helix would be a better word
The outer walls of the horn are part of a cone whose profile is an equilateral triangle.
The inner walls are also from a cone whose profile is
an isosceles the same height but half the width of the equilateral triangle.
The horn doubles in size every 180 degrees
I hope to do other ram horns of different shapes and rates of growth.
I chose these for my first because they please me.
 Template for Ram Horn model
This would be a good surface to tessellate on.
Andrew Crompton has already tessellated on a cone and
Peter Raedschelders, Hans Kuiper, Robert Fathauer and Hop David
have done tessellations along logarithmic spirals.
 Crompton's Cone & other stuff
 Raedschelders' Bird Spiral
 Raedschelders' Stegosaurus Spiral

 Hans Kuiper's Cat Spiral
 Robert Fathauer's Dream Spiral
Hop David's Dog Spiral


Ram's Horn Math